Handle Department

Arno Bernard Knives is unique in that we process raw materials into finished products. Using horn, bone, wood, hide, tusk, and even petrified products harvested from the farthest regions of South Africa we have developed methods to turn the natural materials into beautiful and functional tools.

The handle division of Arno Bernard Knives sets our products apart from other knives because we use a wonderful supply of natural resources and have the experience to turn them into works of art. We’ve invested in the proper equipment and training to allow our knives to be displayed as a part of South Africa that you will be proud to own.

Our handles are not only beautiful but also incredibly tough.

All handle material is dried, dyed if needed, stabilized, then shaped to give a comfortable fit when working long hours in the outdoors.

Our crocodile hides are bonded to G10 and polished, this is one of our most useable and durable handles. It feels great in the hand as the horn back ridges give a texture that allows it to be easy to control.

Sheep horn and warthog tusk are used because of their toughness and beauty, both look great on any knife and add a touch of class that makes it stand out.

Two South African woods that we use, Ebony and Wild Olive, are very dense with subtle lines that age well with time and use.

All materials are legally harvested, certified through taxidermists, processed carefully, and imported under the guidelines of the proper authorities.